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To assist Macintosh users in selecting new agents, breeds and metarooms, four different colors of Apple icons are used to show a third party add-on's compatibility. These icons can be located at the bottom right hand corner of a page. Any agents, breeds or metarooms which receive a yellow YellowApple.jpg or red RedApple.jpg ranking will be listed on the Macintosh Conflicts page with details of the known issue(s).

This feature is still being implemented, and at the moment will only be included on Agent, Breed and Metaroom pages for Creatures Exodus (C3) and Docking Station (DS).

Note that these compatibility icons only apply to users of the Macintosh Creatures Evolution Engine, so not those who are using the replacement Openc2e engine.

RedApple.jpg Conflict[edit]

A red Apple means the add-on has failed during testing. Installation of an agent, breed or metaroom marked as incompatible is pretty much guaranteed to cause the world it is injected into to crash, freeze or otherwise become unusable immediately. Highly recommended you don't attempt to install any add-ons marked with a red apple.

YellowApple.jpg Caution[edit]

A yellow Apple is assigned to add-ons which work with Mac OS X, but are unstable or only partially functional. These additions may cause the Creatures Evolution Engine to crash more frequently, or some features of the agent may not work exactly the way they do when run under Windows. Most commonly, the removers don't work. Use these agents with care.

GreenApple.jpg Compatible[edit]

A green Apple means all is well; the agent/breed/metaroom is fully functional and should be free of glitches and unexpected effects. If you have installed an agent which was marked as compatible and think it may not be, please post a note on the discussion board for Macintosh Conflicts (Take me there now)

GreyApple.jpg Untested[edit]

A grey Apple means that the agent/breed/metaroom has not been tested for compatibility. Proceed with caution and preferably an empty world to test it out in. If you have experimented with a third party add-on which is currently marked as untested, please change the template to reflect its success or failure.

Documenting new Agent/Breed/Metaroom Pages[edit]

The following template codes can be used to mark an add-on's Macintosh Compatibility.

Please place the icon at the bottom of the page, above the Category listings.