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Creatures Wiki:Guidelines/No Personal Attacks

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Editnorn.png This page contains an official guideline on the Creatures Wiki.
  • Title: No Personal Attacks
  • Summary: The Creatures Wiki is not a platform for personal disagreements.

There have always been, and will most likely continue to be, disagreements and conflict between individuals and different groups in the Creatures Community. However, there are proper places to deal with such issues, and the Creatures Wiki is not one of them. Do not use articles as methods of striking back at those you dislike, for flaming someone over an argument on a forum or other venue elsewhere, or for stating how much you personally dislike someone. In short, please take your arguments elsewhere. It is also not necessary to declare how much you dislike an article or how it was written in the article itself; rather, use the corresponding talk page.

Rude, unpleasant behavior toward others (including those who don't use the wiki) is strictly prohibited. This includes the use of any sort of profanity, which has no place on the wiki at all. Such behavior will be dealt with first by a warning. If the behavior continues, the user will be blocked from editing the wiki by an administrator.

If you are the victim of a personal attack on the wiki, do not respond by attacking them back. Instead, ask an administrator for help. They will work to sort out any issues as quickly as possible.