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Creatures Wiki:Guidelines/Future Projects

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Editnorn.png This page contains an official guideline on the Creatures Wiki.
  • Title: Future Projects Policy
  • Summary: Policy on pages about future projects on the Cwiki.

Future projects articles on the creatures wiki must adhere to the following criteria:

  • Ideas on the Creatures Wiki:Development ideas page should only get their own articles when someone actually takes them up. Descriptions there should be enough to get a potential developer interested in the addon idea. You can leave an email, or sign your post, if you think someone will need further information. (eg. Belgian Blue Norns - proposed by Malkin)
  • The article must be written in an encyclopedic style.
  • Use the {{futureproject}} template.
  • Link to any forum threads or webpages that are related to your idea.
  • Don't make the article to tease us - forums can be used to seek support and additional assistance from the CC instead. If your project is extremely secret, don't make a page!
  • A certain level of practical commitment to the project must be demonstrated - for example, financial backing (Simbiosis), concept art (Spot Norns), or CAOS coding experience. Something more tangible than a backstory.