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This is a list of things that need to be researched for CEE CAOS. Please add any information you come across. If there's enough to make an article, do that and then remove the bulk of the item from the list.

  • The following commands, related (we think) to spin, were added in Docking Station and are poorly understood, as they are not used in any bootstrap: SPIN; ROTN; AVEL, ADMP; FVEL, FDMP; SVEL, SDMP. Cf. ATTR 1024, "rotatable".
  • Presence, ATTR 2048, also added in Docking Station. Does it work? If so, how?
  • How, precisely, does delay in MESG WRT+ work? Much of the bootstrap appears to use delay=0 to do things immediately.
  • Categorisation is necessary. See Category talk:C3 CAOS Commands.
  • What do we think VARC was meant for? At the moment its default value is 0.125, presumably meaning 45deg. ... And why do this, and VECX and VECY, use fractions of circles when all the trig bits of CAOS use degrees?