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Creatures Wiki:Administrators

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Creatures Wiki Admins[edit]

The following people have the ability to solve problems with articles, such as moving them and deleting them, and to help stop vandalism:

  • Sgeo is the founder of the Creatures Wiki and has super-nornal powers.
  • GreenReaper is a sysop and bureaucrat and can help you sort out categorization problems, delete or protect pages, and deal with troublesome users. He likes cheese and carrots (and biccies!).
  • Erin has red (orange!) hair, and is trouble with a capital E!
  • ElasticMuffin is slightly crumbly but has a good texture underneath.
  • Alien has norndolls, and lots of them! Plenty of C2 norn breeds, too.
  • Malkin lives in a land down under tending her C1 Norn farm.
  • Officer 1BDI is going to write the Great Albian Novel someday, probably set in the C2 era.
  • Don is a very busy AmberShee who likes ettins.
  • Fuzzie is a bitter oldbie whose fatal weakness is chocolate. Fear her knowledge of CAOS and the inner workings of the Creatures games.
  • MonaLS spends her time running rings around us all.
  • C-Rex is a Norn king, despite not actually being a Norn himself. He also likes pizza and working on new genetic breeds, though not at the same time.

Who to Call For Help[edit]

If you need an admin, it is suggested you try to contact them in roughly this order: