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Creatures Unlimited

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Creatures Unlimited

A popular German portal and content site, also known as "German Creatures."

  • Addresses:
    • www.germancreatures.net (down, archive)
    • luna.spaceports.com/~cu/ (down)
  • Webmaster: Phil
  • Contributors/Staff: Mairenn, Kathira
  • Language: German
  • Ran from/to dates: 1998 - 2009 (est)

Summary of Content[edit]

Much Creatures stuff (in German), including a daily creature, free artwork and backgrounds, C2 COBs, C3 agents, a breed list and a lot of breeds to download:


Downloads hosted by CU:[edit]

Creatures Unlimited also provides these subsites as part of its Creatures Community Center:

In addition, it appears to host the Creatures Knowledgebase.

History of Website[edit]

Some history is available (English translation)

Editnorn.png This stub could use more information.

Interesting Facts[edit]

Partner Sites[edit]

This list is probably incomplete/out of date -- GreenReaper