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Creatures Tribes

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Creatures Tribes, or CTribes, is a game to play in Docking Station. In a nutshell, CTribes is like the tribe level of SPORE. You select a breed of norn for your tribe, a name and a location. Then your tribe kicks off; they must forage/hunt for food, attack or rejoice with other tribes and fend off or befriend the enemies. More information on the CTribes website ([1] under construction) (archive).

More Information[edit]

The game takes place in C2 Albia. There will soon be a map up for download so people can view it. Do not fear, people, it shall be run on my computer. If my computer lags because of all the huge tribes, curse you :P The enemies are just rogue grendels, don't fret! You are still allowed to choose grendels and ettins as your tribe breed. If you would like to join, then hurry up! It won't be long before all the map spaces are taken. The documentation, to find out how your tribe is doing, will be hosted by a blod on the CTribes website. Don't be afraid to join, when it starts it'll be LOADS of fun! Feel free to chat to me about it, I'm usually on after school hours. My username on Docking Station is Ravenfire.