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Creatures Object Editor

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The Creatures Object Editor (or COE) was created by Alexander Laemmle. It is an improved version of his BORG tool, released as shareware. The program has many features to aid in the creation of Creatures 1 COBs, as well as the ability to use cheats directly in a world. Additionally, the program includes language support for English and German. According to Mark Ashton, COE is the first CAOS COB maker.[1]

Key Features[edit]

Sprite Editor - Open, edit, and save C1 sprites. Most importantly, this screen shows a visual representation of all of the colors in the palette.dta file.

COB Compiler - View and create all of the elements associated with creating a C1 COB, such as scripts. Also includes a class calculator for converting family, genus, and species into a hexadecimal number. COE can also be used to inject COBs into the game, and is capable of doing so in Windows 10.

Map of Albia - View a small-scale map of Albia that can be exported as a .bmp file. Coordinates (x, y) are also provided when hovering over any part of the map.

Cheats - Enable or disable cheats, such as the Darwin cheat or Cheese cheat.

Other Features[edit]

Note that some of these features may not be fully functional on newer operating systems.

  • Start Creatures 1
  • Send macro scripts with the Creatures Online Command Interface
  • Play .wav files with the Sound Player
  • Reset the world
  • Create an Egg Disk

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