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Creatures Mall

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The official Creatures Mall was operated by Creature Labs until 4 February 2003, and then reopened by Gameware Development on 20 January 2004. It closed in the late 2000s. The Mall stocks all Creatures games, the Creatures Mall Breeds, and, before Gameware made them free to download, the official Developer tools as well. As of August 2004, shipping was by Royal Mail 'signed for' delivery, and worldwide. The cost was 65 pence per gram within the UK, 3 pounds 30 pence + 1 pence per gram to Europe, and 3 pounds 30 pence + 2 pence per gram to the rest of the world. The Creatures Mall closed permanently in the mid to late 2000s.

Items for Sale[edit]



Breed Packs - Linux and Windows[edit]

The Fallow Norn, Harlequin Norn, and Magma Norn breeds were included with the original Creatures Exodus game available on disc and on GOG.com. As of 2021, the Magma Norn, Astro Norn, Siamese Norn, Zebra Norn, Fallow Norn, and Harlequin Norn breeds are included with the Steam version of Docking Station, with the mall breeds (Treehugger Norns, Hardman Norns, Bondi Norns, and Banshee Grendels) available as free DLC.

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