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Creatures Jungle

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Creatures Jungle
  • Webmistress: Freya
  • Ran from/to dates: April 14th 1998 - February 23rd 2008 (Site relocation)

Summary Of Content[edit]

History Of Website[edit]

Officially opened in April 1998. It was the first ever website created by Freya. As a result of Freya's limited knowledge of HTML, Creatures Jungle originally had many broken images (Freya linked to the images on her harddrive instead of the ones at her server). This was resolved at alt.games.creatures with the help from less technically challenged members of the community.

Creatures Jungle was a pet project of Freya's; she spent many happy hours adding to it and eventually her work was rewarded with a growing number of visitors. The most visited part of the site was the Creatures 1 COBs section, featuring the Working Oven COB among others. The Oven COB was finished on June 29th, 1998 and was the result of two weeks of hard work for Freya, who had never created a compound cob before.

The name "Creatures Jungle" was derived from young Freya's unbridled passion for anything to do with rainforests. At the time of the opening, Freya was a Biology student and the "Mutated C1 norns" section resulted from Freya's own interest in genetics.

Previous sections on the Creatures Jungle (now removed) include a Creatures Calendar (with Freya's own illustrations of playing norns, posed in NornPose), a Name Book with names "for the occupied breeder", an active forum (The Jungle Drum), and recurring wolfling runs, performed with norns sent in by site visitors.

Creatures Jungle was voted one of the 20 most popular Creatures websites in the Golden Shee Awards of 1998, and was still up and running on it's original web address. Since February 23rd it has a new location, because the old server was broken. For the new address, see above.

Interesting Facts[edit]