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Creatures Internet Edition

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Creatures Internet Edition
Creatures Gold

Creatures Internet Edition was a recompilation of Creatures 3 and Docking Station with the addition of the Magma norns. The game was later repackaged (without the CIE instruction manual) as Creatures Gold to re-boost sales.

CIE for Windows has been effectively superseded by Creatures Exodus, which additionally contains the Harlequin and Fallow breeds from the Creatures Mall (again without a paper manual though).

Creatures Internet Edition was published by:

  • Fasttrack Games
  • Linux Game Publishing in December 2001
  • Focus Multimedia (re-released as Creatures Gold) in November 2002

System Requirements[edit]

  • (Best suited to) Windows 95/98
  • Pentium 200MMX or better
  • 2Mb 16-bit colour SVGA display
  • 800 x 600 resolution minimum
  • 64Mb RAM
  • 300Mb free hard drive space

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