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Creatures Information Exchange

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Creatures Information Exchange


Initially titled the Creatures Exchange, this was one of the oldest Creatures Community websites on the net.


  • Web addresses:
    • mudhole.ehche.ac.uk/~addicted/creatures.html (archive)
    • mudhole.spodnet.uk.com/~addicted/creatures (down)
  • Webmaster: Rob Sedgebeer
  • Contributors/Staff: Miff
  • Ran from/to dates: 21 November 1996 - 11th December 2001 (last update)

Summary Of Content[edit]

Not much now, but the archived site contains some interesting nuggets of information about past history, including much on Grendels and grenorns.

History Of Website[edit]

The Creatures Information Exchange (originally Creatures Exchange) was one of a number of websites I started whilst at university. I discovered the 'game' when watching a rolling video on a magazine cover CD (an early FMV!) - I brought it on the day of it's release.

I was heavily involved in the early days of the 'scene' and even managed to exchange a few emails about Creatures with the late Douglas Adams. I coined the name grenorn, but the creation of the cross-breed was nothing more than me mucking around with data files.

I now work on the internet full-time and still intend, one day, to update the site. You can visit my other projects at https://www.notbbc.co.uk/

Rob Sedgebeer - 28th Jan 2005

Interesting Facts[edit]