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Creatures Full of Edits

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The Creatures Full of Edits are creatures for Creatures 3 and Docking Station that have several updates and fixes, including brain work. They are not a new breed, but more a template for future breeds, and existing ones.

On Creatures Heaven there's a general explanation, a guide for making your own CFE, and downloads of all the CFE versions of the Mall and original breeds.

For more information read this thread on the Gameware Forum.

In order for creatures to get the full benefits, an updated breeding script must be installed to allow creatures to feel happy when they tickle a creature of a different species, or of the same sex. Activate 1 & Activate 2 Separation functions similarly to this updated script.

In August of 2015, evolnemesis released the Creatures Full of Fixes 1.0, which were based on the Creatures Full of Edits.

Chief changes[edit]

  • A working ForF lobe
  • An elevation lobe
  • The combination lobe is set to add to past input, resulting in a better memory and better learning.
  • Unmutable pose genes
  • Unmutable navigation genes
  • Reduced elevator/button obsession - instinct is less strong to push buttons/lifts when bored.
  • Unmutable digestion system - no more making energy out of nothing
  • Unmutable timeline - no more immortals.
  • 'Swearing lets off steam' loop fixed - "The 'swearing let's off steam' stimulus reduces their crowdedness when they'd express, while the 'heard creatures speak' stimulus raised their crowdedness. This caused a feedback loop in the tract which made them stand around, expressing their crowdedness. I fixed this by making the crowded chemical in the 'swearing lets off steam' gene silent, and thus not learned."[1]
  • Typo in painly overwhelmsion organ which makes hunger for protein out of pain.

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