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Summary Of Content[edit]

CreaturesFrance is one of the best-known sites in the French-speaking Creatures Community. It contains all that you would expect of a Creatures website (mostly oriented towards the later games - Creatures 3 and Docking Station), including forums, agents, and special sections like "PROFESSOR" Hildebrand explains biology. CreaturesFrance also provided French translations for a few creatures sites.

History Of Website[edit]

The website was creatures in 2000 and has remained important for most of the French Community throughout the years.

In 2012, some fans decided to boost CreaturesFrance and an "Adoption Center" was created using Google Drive (it now offline). In 2013, a new forum was opened, using data from the older forum. It is still online today.

In May 2021, a Discord Server was opened for the French Community.

Interesting Facts[edit]

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