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Creatures Family

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Editnorn.png This article is about a project that was cancelled or put on extended hiatus.

Creatures Family was a new game in the Creatures series to be developed by Spil Games. It was intended to be the successor to Creatures Online as a free-to-play mobile game targeting an audience of 20+ years old. Fans were directed to the Creatures Online Facebook Page for future announcements. At some point prior to August 2019 the game was quietly cancelled due to "technical reasons".

In July 2017, Spil Games released a mini-game, entitled Creatures Alchemist, where players were tasked with combining elements to create new norn breeds. Another minigame, Creatures: Color Craze, was released at an unknown time.

Creatures Community Reaction[edit]

Many had little faith in Creatures Family, given Spil Games' background of simple web-based flash games. This was further exasperated by the 5 "teaser games", which were planned for Summer 2016, never being released by Spil. They would remain quiet about the game's development until its cancellation in 2019, which many community members found unsurprising.


Creatures Family had an original release date of 2017. Spil Games later confirmed, in March 2018, that the game's release had been delayed with no confirmation of a release date. In August 2019 Spil Games stated via email that the game was "no longer in [their] portfolio", and later confirmed in June 2020 that the game is "no longer in development for technical reasons".

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