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Creatures Copyright Center

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The Creatures Copyright Center was an idea originally thought up by Beth (on 17 August 2000) and implemented on her site, The Descendants of Albia. It was later taken up and expanded by Marienn of Creatures Unlimited in the German portion of the Creatures Community.

The objective of the CCC was stated on Beth's site as follows:

Hello and welcome to The Creatures Copyright Center. This is a page where people can come to copyright files, ideas and other stuff that they want to put on their sites. That way, people cannot copy their ideas, and if they do, than we can flame them :)

Only one person, Nina, appears to have taken up Beth's offer to list people on her page, almost a year after it was created.

Logo for the Creatures Copyright Center

Marienn decided that this was an interesting idea, and eventually added it to the Creatures Community Center on Creatures Unlimited. She fixed the two flaws in the original proposal, recognizing that copyright does not require registration, and that ideas are not copyrightable. However, she did imply that it is "polite" to ask first:

"It should however be natural in a community (such as the world-wide Creatures Community) to follow the established moral guidelines and respect previously established ideas and marketing concepts, contacting the inventors before presenting them on your own websites." [translation]

The German implementation of this idea had more success, and several German sites display the CCC logo, although it is not clear how strict they are in its implementation.

Compare and contrast with the Open Creatures Stuff Center and Die Insel der Gobbyraitpiraten.