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Creatures Community Spirit Festival

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The Creatures Community Spirit Festival (or CCSF) is an annual event in the Creatures Community, started in 2004 by Erin, Liam, and several other community members. The first Festival was an attempt to bring some life back into the community, and it did, to a point. However, many were disappointed with its length - originally a mere week. Now, it is a fortnight-long festival held roughly over the first two weeks of August (Autumn) or November (Winter), with various events happening around the community.

Volunteer coordinators initially ran the festival two years in a row before handing over the position to a new candidate; thus each year had one more experienced coordinator and one new recruit. The Festival also relies heavily on volunteer developers and translators that make up the rest of the team.

Festivals by Year[edit]

Coordinators Theme Dates
CCSF 2004 Erin and Liam Christmas in July July 25th to July 31st, 2004
CCSF 2005 Liam and Don Nature August 1st to August 14th, 2005
CCSF 2006 Don and Liam Celebration and Surprise July 31st - August 28th 2006 (Intermittent)
CCSF 2007 Community Community Run September 23rd - October 20th 2007
CCSF 2008 Ghosthande Back to Our Roots December 25th 2008 - January 6th 2009
CCSF 2009 3kul and Starscream Time November 1st - November 14th 2009
CCSF 2010 Liam Creatures Future, Natural Selection November 1st - November 14th 2010, with a belated finale on December 21st
CCSF 2011 Laura The Creatures Fans and Games of 2011 November 1st - November 15th 2011
CCSF 2012 Jessica New Worlds November 1st - November 14th 2012
CCSF 2013 DarbyDoo, Ghosthande, Laura, and Jessica Ecology November 1st - November 14th 2013
CCSF 2014 KittyTikara Evolution and Natural Selection December 1st - December 12th 2014 (Originally started November 1st but delayed due to technical issue)
CCSF 2015 D.L. Yomegami Community Endurance / Longevity, Ecology and Seasons December 6 - December 12 2015
CCSF 2016 Allekha and Doringo Ancient (Shee) Secrets & Mythology December 11 - December 17, 2016
CCSF 2017 Doringo Community Collaboration November 20 - November 27, 2017
CCSF 2018 Freylaverse Revival, Renewal and Reclamation November 17 - December 2 2018
CCSF 2019 Freylaverse Creatures 3's 20th Anniversary November 4 - November 22 2019
CCSF 2020 Freylaverse Albian Winter November 25 - January 12 2021 with a pause between December 7-24 2020 due to coordinator illness
CCSF 2021 Muppetboy and Freylaverse Creatures 1's 25th Anniversary December 5 - December 27 2021 with event videos running through January 29
CCSF 2022 EemFoo Space, Stars, and Skies November 20 - November 29 2022
CCSF 2023 EemFoo and Freylaverse Creatures 2's 25th Anniversary December 1 - December 14 2023

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