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A representation of the community - it just keeps on spinning!

The Creatures Community (CC) are the people that love the Creatures series and keep the game alive.

They show their appreciation by developing, gengineering, or just by playing the game, posting on the forums and enjoying the downloadable content. The community is what made the Creatures series so successful - and they are one of the most loyal fanbases there is.

The CC has been going strong ever since 1996, when the first Creatures game was released. There have been many, many things that have influenced the Community. Feel free to add stuff in!

Get in touch[edit]

Do you want to get in touch with other members of the Creatures Community?

As of 2022, you can either create an account on Creatures Caves; hop into one (or all) of the Discord channels, or if you prefer IRC, join the CC Chat or Sine; join the CreaturesGames subreddit; or say hello on someone's blog (or make your own!). You can also join in the yearly Creatures Community Spirit Festival.



The first Creatures game was released in 1996 (mid-1997 in the US). After the initial release, Cyberlife released a number of addon-packs and new kits, some of which were free and others were being sold at their Creatures Mall. The new developments caused positive waves throughout the growing community and people were interested in creating their own addons for the game. Alexander Laemmle developed a program called the Creatures Object Editor (COE) to make .cob files, which could be injected into the game. Soon, other programs to create objects became available, and more people started developing for Creatures.

This signalled the first 'Era' in the Creatures Community, an era of development, excitement, and discoveries.

A host of COB makers (or COBblers) sprung up, each intent on creating the best addons they could for Creatures, including Alexander Laemmle, LummoxJR, Slink, SteerPike, Stefan Kuske, and Steve Dismukes.

The community stayed in touch by joining the official Gameware forums, getting together on JRchat, some people created their own websites for Creatures, some of which are still around (such as Creatures Caves, Albia2000, Mummy's Creatures).

One of the first uses of the term "Creatures Community" was by Toby Simpson in a newsgroup posting, although Lis Morris suggested that it only came into popular use after CptSiskoX and the Avenger Squadron attacked alt.games.creatures.

An annual event named the Creatures Community Spirit Festival began in 2004 as a way to bring life to the community, and it is still going strong today.

See more at History!

Community Websites[edit]


HomeCreatures originally came about in the summer of 1999, with only a large 'Coming Soon!' splash and the promise to become one of the most successful community hubs to date. It was one of the first 3rd party sites to have its own domain (one other being CreaturesLife.net). Soon Miff was offering hosting at HomeCreatures, and many who had been use Geocities and Xoom jumped at the chance of hosting at www.yourname.homecreatures.com. Unfortunately, HomeCreatures went down and took a lot of sites down with it. Some were revived, but others are only a fading memory, which most of us will fondly cherish.

Creatures Caves[edit]

Creatures Caves is a website with a forum, news, downloadable content, a gallery and bibble. It's also possible to adopt a virtual creatchi to take care of. Although slower nowadays, it is still active.

Albian Warp[edit]

Albian Warp is meant to be a replacement for the official Docking Station servers, which are no longer active. Albian Warp has warping and messaging abilities, allowing the community to stay connected.