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Creatures Caves Eggstravaganza

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The Creatures Caves Eggstravaganza was an event conceived by Mea, and organised by Laura, to celebrate Easter 2014. It was hosted at Creatures Caves.

In a similar vein to the Scribble Room, members of the Creatures Community were asked to create and send in their own Easter egg designs, using two templates provided by Mea. Entries were opened on February 25th 2014 and closed on March 31st 2014. In that time, Laura treated everyone to some cracking egg puns, and a staggering grand total of 560 designs were submitted!

Jessica also assisted by creating the Eggstravaganza logo and promoting the event on her blog, Discover Albia.

The result was the Eggstravaganza Garden Box patch plant which was released, in time for Easter Sunday, on April 20th 2014.

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