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Creatures Caves

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Creatures Caves
Creatures Caves Logo
Creatures Caves website layout - 2020
Webmaster Rascii
Contributors / Staff D.L. Yomegami, Freylaverse, Issy, KittyTikara, Laura, Malkin, ylukyun
URL https://www.creaturescaves.com/
Established 2000

Creatures Caves is a long-running Creatures site for all games in the series, focused on community submissions and interactions.

Summary of Content[edit]

Just about everything a community portal site needs: Forums, news, links, a CC Chat applet, galleries and an expansive downloads section with metarooms, COBs and agents, among other features. It's also home to the Ask Laura column, the Hack Shack, script reservations, an archive of CAOS Chaos, Survivor and Creatchi, the online Creatures experience.

History of Website[edit]

It all began many years ago with AOLPress and a really bad server called Angelfire. A small, ugly website with a picture of a cave as the background and basically no content, Creatures Caves had probably zero visitors. Shortly after, there was a revamp done in Frontpage and the website moved to Geocities. The blue scheme was unveiled and has stuck with the website ever since. A white background and bad coding were some of the downsides to this version of the website, but it was certainly an improvement. Millennium Creatures, HomeCreatures, and Sharon's Creatures Village were the main community sites at this point and completely overshadowed the small, only HTML site.

In 2001 the site was revamped yet again, this time with tons of little graphics and a very clean color scheme. (You can view an archived version of this design here.) Focusing mostly on content and still completely HTML, the website had moved to it's own domain and was now hosted by DirectNIC, the company that registered the domain. This company did not allow PHP or HTML but did allow SSL which made the site easier to update. The webmaster realized that in order to keep up with the huge sites in the community, a dynamic design was a necessity.

A year after that, Creatures Caves moved to WorldZonePro, a paid hosting company that allowed both PHP and MySQL, as well as everything else that Rascii could possibly ask for. With help from JacketFan, Dan, Helen, and a few others, the webmaster was able to conquer the programming language and open the first PHP version of Creatures Caves. The design had some further improvements and forums were opened for the first time. They were hand-coded and full of bugs, but that was okay. Any place to discuss was fine.

The website underwent a revamp on August 1st 2012. This saw a new colour scheme and logo, to fit in with the upcoming Creatures Online, in addition to an array of new features, such as commenting on downloads and news posts. The website underwent yet another revamp in 2015, giving a more simplistic white and blue design.

On May 29 2019 Creatures Caves went down due to a fatal error, possibly due to the server updating its version of PHP, and underwent maintenance by Rascii. By July 10 2019, downloads, the homepage and the forums were largely restored. In March 2021, Rascii updated the PHP version to 7.3. The website was further updated to PHP 8.0 in 2023, which also caused many issues with the website, most of which have now been fixed.

Creatures Caves' layout in 2013


Currently the staff levels are Administrator, Manager and Moderator. There used to be a Staff Member level. The Staff Member level had a brief comeback in 2013, but was replaced by the user title system shortly thereafter.

Current Staff[edit]

Former Staff (Incomplete)[edit]

  • edash
  • Erin
  • Ghosthande
  • Gryph
  • HuffaMoose
  • Jessica
  • Karias
  • KC11
  • kezune
  • KittyTikara
  • Lanky
  • MNB
  • Moe
  • Pez
  • DarbyDoo
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