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Creatures Beats!

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Creatures Beats! is a 2012 Creatures EP (Extended Play) created by
Album art by SpringRain
C-Rex and released for the CCSF 2012. It is the second Creatures-related music compilation; the first was Creatures Dance Jam, released in 2002.

The album is mainly composed of remixes of various Creatures music, such as the birth music and the rollercoaster music from Creatures Playground.


No. Title Artist Length
1. Intro C-Rex


2. Beat of Birth C-Rex 2:03
3. Roll-R-Coaster C-Rex 1:45
4. Albian Dream C-Rex 2:00
5. Capillata Trance C-Rex 1:44


  • Creatures Beats! was originally planned as a community project, but due to lack of interest C-Rex decided to produce the EP himself. He began work on the EP in August 2012.
  • Two tracks, "Creatures Village Rave" and "Dragon World Dance", both remixes of Creatures Village music, were originally planned for the EP but were later scrapped. A remixed version of Dragon World Dance was later released on The Norn Nebula in 2013.
  • The Norn featured on the EP cover artwork was Galen, one of the two mascots of C-Rex's blog, The Norn Nebula when it was known as Docking Station Galaxy. The artwork was created by SpringRain.

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