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Creatures 3D

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Sphericus, home of Creatures 3D

Creatures 3D is the Community's name for a (currently hypothetical), three dimensional, next generation computer game in the Creatures series, not to be confused with the console game Project Loci.

It is suspected that Creatures 3D will take place on Sphericus, the planet the Shee had left Albia in search of, and that the game would be set after Docking Station in the official storyline. Ian is quoted as saying, "The short answer to the question of 2D or 3D for a new Creatures game would be 3D, for sure", so the Community is hopeful.


At the moment Gameware Development does not have a publisher who will fund a new Creatures game. It has been said that publishers need to have proof the development company is well established (see BAMZOOKi) and that Creatures still has a market. Therefore if the community wants a new game then we're going to have to become more active.

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