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Creatures 2 Community Edition

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Creatures 2 Community Edition is a series of patches made to Creatures 2, by lisdude, that improves the stability of the game and includes minor new features for developers.

It requires a purchased copy of the game, and is compatible with all versions of Creatures 2, which includes the Steam and GOG.com versions of Creatures - The Albian Years, and the original 1998 CD release.

Major Features[edit]

  • Improved game stability (In progress)
  • Increased COB limit
  • GreenTea - A new cheat mode that allows creatures to be picked up, marks all rooms visited, and enables all powerups. Autosave also remains enabled, unlike Blueberry4$
  • Game speed can be adjusted via CTRL + (increase speed), CTRL - (decrease speed), and CTRL 0 (return speed to normal).
  • Technical information and stats can be viewed with CTRL DELETE
  • New Sound menu allows the volume of creature footstep sounds, creature burbles and music to be tweaked or muted.
  • World coordinates can be displayed via CTRL-SHIFT-X
  • Family, genus, species and creature moniker can be made visible by hovering over objects with CTRL-SHIFT-T
  • CTRL-SHIFT-M generates a list of objects in the world, along with their totals. Can be used for troubleshooting
  • Macros have been implemented: HOTS (set targ to object under the cursor), and ERMN (iterate through objects in the same room as targ, similar to ESEE)
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