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Creatures 2 Community-Recommended Fixes and Addons

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Getting Started[edit]

This guide assumes that you are running GOG.com's version of Creatures: The Albian Years, the most likely version to run on modern computers without use of a virtual machine. However, some of these fixes/addons may still be useful to those with older versions.

(Installation instructions here)

Recommended Fixes[edit]


Note, some of these patches can override others. Injection order is important!

This section of the guide focuses on patches to existing game content.

  • Remastered Patch: Adds support for addon installers and helps fix some issues with the My Documents folder.
- Download: http://www.webpetz.com/creatures/remasters.php
  • DXwrapper: Made by elishacloud, the answer to many prayers, this patch fixes the transparent dropdown issue. Just a warning, sometimes the game will fail to load with this patch. Try, try, try again! It'll run eventually!
- Download: https://github.com/elishacloud/dxwrapper/wiki/Creatures-2%3A-The-Albian-Years
  • Genomes: There are many alternatives to the incredibly stupid vanilla C2 genomes. One that we recommend is JayD's Canny Norns, but you're free to look around for others! You can even play with the vanilla genomes if you really, truly want to.
- Download: https://www.creaturescaves.com/downloads.php?section=Breeds&view=525
  • Albian Updates v1.1: Made by JayD, improves the Say Need, Eat, Sleep, Collision, Travel East and West creature scripts. This helps those flighty norns to make better decisions. Also helps solve the wall bashing problem.
- Download: https://www.creaturescaves.com/downloads.php?section=COBs&view=210
  • Ball Update, Bunchastuff, and More: Made by Mr nStuff!

- From BunchaStuff, specifically these:

  - Death Script Update
  - Drinking Update
  - Two Door Update
  - Update Action 0 (Optional)
  - Slap & Tickle Update (Optional)

- From More Updates, specifically these:

  - Drop Update
  - Button Update
  - Shee Statue Update
  - Lift Cabin Update
- Download: http://www.webpetz.com/creatures/toysc2.php
  • Friendly Walls: Made by GimmeCat, helps prevent toys and the like from getting wedged into hard-to-reach wall corners!
- Download: https://www.creaturescaves.com/downloads.php?section=COBs&view=1794
  • Ocean Bridges (Optional): Made by JayD, bridges the oceans to prevent norns from drowning unattended!
- Download: https://www.creaturescaves.com/downloads.php?section=COBs&view=236
  • Pump Fix: Made by GimmeCat, makes getting a drink of water less of a wall-bonking hazard!
- Download: https://www.creaturescaves.com/downloads.php?section=COBs&view=1582
- Download: https://www.creaturescaves.com/downloads.php?section=COBs&view=1791
  • Better Albia: Created by GimmeCat, this can be something of a daunting undertaking, but it is well worth the effort.
- Download: https://www.creaturescaves.com/downloads.php?section=COBs&view=1789
- Download: https://web.archive.org/web/20030204005459/http://www.geocities.com:80/TimesSquare/Cavern/1556/cobs.htm
- Download: https://eemfoo.org/archive/downloads/2c7c
  • Eat Meat: Created by JayD, this cob makes it so that all bugs and critters in the world are edible, reducing confusion for creatures.
- Download: https://creaturescaves.com/downloads.php?section=COBs&view=231


This section of the guide focuses on removing hazards or superseded items. These are a matter of personal taste.

-Download: https://creaturescaves.com/downloads.php?section=COBs&view=515
  • Shee Scarer Remover removes the scary effects of the Shee Statue's glowing eyes.
-Download: https://web.archive.org/web/20160423183208/http://www.gesehen-und-gelesen.de/norns/c2english/c2cobs_en2.html
  • Say Need No More or No Need (Muyo) Removes (Say Need No More) or reduces (No Need (Muyo)) the need for creatures to express themselves, which helps them decide what they need to do rather than wait around complaining about it.


This section of the guide focuses on extra food that a player may find useful or interesting.

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