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Creatures 1.02 Update

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The Creatures 1.02 Update, also known as Creatures Update 2, is an .exe program which upgraded the Creatures executable to version 1.02, released around 1997. Bugs fixed include the Health Kit crashing on the Drives and Needs page, the Owner's Kit crashing on the Photo Album page, odd behaviour and/or error messages from some or all of the Kits (a .DLL file error). It was also said to fix incompatibility with the beta of Microsoft Internet Explorer 4. The use of the new Object Injector with .RCB compatibility, released in November 1997, relied on the player having installed the Creatures Update 2.

A further game engine patch was released in the Life Kit for Creatures, and the Creatures 1.0.4 Update. An earlier game patch was Creatures Update 1.