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A popular community hub, previously known as Ping's Creatures

Summary Of Content[edit]

Golden Shee Awards, second place

CreaturesLife.net had some forums, as well as various pictures, items of trivia and just general community "stuff".

The domain also hosted the following sites:

History Of Website[edit]

The site was originally born after the closure of The Norn Society in July 1997. Initial versions were basic, including a few of Ping's COBs, but the site increased in size and complexity over time. In January 1999 the site moved to creatures.gamenation.com, however Ping was unsatisfied with it and made another move to creatureslife.net in June, where it remained until closure.

Read Ping's history page

On the 4th of September 2006, it was announced by Ghrens on the Gameware Forums that CreaturesLife.net was coming back. The holding page had the story "A Chat by Any Other Name..." by Tonia and LadyNorn and a sequel by 7of9 and Mizgiwir. However, it only updated once, a couple of days later.

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Ping's Creatures URLs (dead)[edit]

Interesting Facts[edit]