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Creatures: Color Craze

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Creatures: Color Craze

Creatures: Color Craze thumbnail from Gamesgames.com

Developer(s) Spil Games
Platform(s) Online
Release 2021
Status Discontinued
Website Gamesgames.com (archived)

Creatures: Color Craze, a free-to-play mini-game, was hosted on the website Gamesgames.com and developed by Spil Games. As with Creatures Alchemist, the actual gameplay had little resemblance to the main series of Creatures games. The game is currently unplayable because it was removed from Spil Games' website in mid-2023.


Creatures: Color Craze Main Menu

Creatures Color Craze had simple gameplay. It included five colored slides (blue, green, yellow, red, and pink) that the player must click on as a 'creature' slides through, so it doesn't fall into the water. Although the creatures resemble Norns, they are never referred to as such. If a creature fell into the water, and the player beat the high score, the game would end, and the player could either attempt again or spend their points on a Gacha game to get a 'creature egg.' If the player failed to beat their high score, they could spend ten of their points to continue playing.

As the game progresses to higher levels, creatures spawn and slide down at a faster pace. Contrary to the title and description, the color of the creatures doesn't seem to impact the gameplay.

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