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Website Data[edit]

  • Name: Creatures.WebSites
  • URL(s):
  • Webmaster: Katnilb Atblink
  • Contributors:
  • Ran from/to: 2012-01-07 - 2015

Summary Of Content[edit]

The site is home to a portal, with over 100 links. Currently, links can only be added or changed by Katnilb themselves, but an update is being made to add a moderation feature. It also hosts the Creatures USB Suite and a text based RPG with little done. There are plans for an online archive of sites to be created, but it has not yet been completed due to real life and a server change.

The website also supports (self-signed) SSL, and the SHA-256 and SHA-1 fingerprins are below, in case you'd like to verify it.

  • SHA-256: A7:D1:5D:0A:1C:8E:D6:88:A0:25:E3:7F:F7:B7:20:3A:5F:27:D4:6E:FA:26:E4:50:AF:96:B7:16:56:59:68:0B
  • SHA-1: 52:2D:17:33:CA:55:4C:29:D7:4C:90:F7:9B:81:C6:33:F0:E0:F4:3C


The website was initially styled with a purple homepage, with a yellow theme for the portal, which was hosted on a subdomain and utilised iframes to display content. The original portal also allowed users to add websites.