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Creature Dolls

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The Creature Dolls are a toy agent series for C3/DS. Each of the official breeds has been represented as a doll. They all reduce boredom, but each doll has a special property that they affect. Emma is by TwilightCat and all others are by Ub1111. They are available at Hardman Haven and Twilight. Not to be confused with MNB's Dollys.

  • Ben - a Treehugger who reduces crowdedness and fear.
  • Cedric - a Civet who feeds a little protein.
  • Dean - an ettin who reduces homesickness.
  • Gritta - a grendel who cures glycotoxin.
  • Jane - a Zebra who cures norns with antihistamine and Medicine One.
  • Linzy - a Toxic who gives glycotoxin.
  • Marco - a Hardman who lowers anger.
  • Mary - a ChiChi who makes your norns "friendly".
  • Reba - a Bruin who feeds a little starch.
  • Richy - a Magma who makes your norns hotter.
  • Sandy - a Bengal who injects antibodies (not good for Toxic Norns!)
  • Zack - a Bondi who makes your creatures fat.

They are available to download at Eemfoo.org.