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Creature City

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Creature City
Webmaster RedDragon
Contributors Lord Zasz, Tomecko
URL (mostly down) http://creaturecity.albia2000.com/
Mirror Archive (October 2007)
Mirror Archive (Eem Foo's Archive)

some sub-pages are incorrectly linked, but exist

Established July 14th 2003
Last update 2004

Creature City featured content for C3/DS, as well as fanart, wolfling runs and the Creature City Forums (now defunct).

Site History[edit]

RedDragon created the site in 2003. Several members became prominent in the Creature City's community and forum: RedDragon himself, Lord Zasz, Tomecko, Vanya and Fishyfins. These members dubbed themselves the "CC 5": short for Creature City, not the CC. The site's art section featured fanart contributions from a variety of artists.

Summary of Content[edit]

The site featured mirrors or links to a number of agents as well as the Wingie breeds, and Half-breeds: the site's specific term for genetic breeds which used sprites from other breeds and did not otherwise feature special genome changes.



Half-Breeds (Genetic Breeds)[edit]