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Creatchi is an online Creatures experience on Creatures Caves. Created by Rascii with sprites by Ghosthande, it is a virtual pet game that lets you take care of a Nornchi, Ettinchi or Grendelchi (the equivalent of Norns, Ettins and Grendels). They have a full life cycle, including breeding and death.

New owners can hatch a creatchi from one of six randomly-generated eggs, or they can choose to adopt the offspring of two creatchis who have already bred. New eggs are considered to be first generation, while adopted offspring have varying generations, depending on the generations of their parents. (This works the same way as in the creatures games.) A user must have successfully raised their previous creatchi (i.e. creatchi died of old age) before they can adopt a second generation or higher egg. Users who have successfully raised more than a certain number of creatchis can also see the gender and species of randomly generated eggs, allowing them to select the one they prefer.

Creatchi Care[edit]

Similarly to a virtual pet, a creatchi has drives that go down over time: Fun, Hunger, Social, Health and Energy. It's up to the owner to make sure that these drives don't get too low. An owner can see their creatchi's overall state by looking at the emoticon which appears next to "Welcome, Username" at the top-right corner of all Creatures Caves pages.

If a creatchi's drives drop below a certain point, a health symbol will appear below their image (and below their socialize link if applicable.) Users can click the symbol only once. When ten users have clicked the symbol, the creatchi will be "helped" increasing its drives. You can also see a list of the creatchi's "helpers". This feature is known as "Creatchi Care" and was introduced in May 2013.

In October 2014, a new feature was introduced allowing creatchis to poop (this occurs about once every two days.) The poop scoop item was added allowing poop to be removed. However, poop currently has no effect on a creatchi's health or other drives, and can be left indefinitely.

Inventory Items[edit]

Creatchiapple.gif Apple Creatchicheese.gif Cheese Creatchiball.gif Ball Creatchiteddy.gif Teddy Creatchimedicine.gif Medicine Creatchielixir.gif Elixir Creatchicarrot.gif Carrot Creatchirubberduck.gif Rubber Ducky Creatchisleepmask.gif Sleep Mask Creatchipoopscoop.gif Poop Scoop

Created by Ghosthande, items in the owner's inventory can be used to tend to their creatchi's needs, and these can be found by posting on the website. The most common items are apples and balls, which can easily be obtained by posting in the forums, as well as posting comments and bibbles.

Sleep mask is a special item which cannot be purchased from the Creatchi Mart or gained around the site. It is unlimited use and only appears if a creatchi needs to sleep. While a creatchi is asleep, items (such as apples) cannot be used. (Creatchis can also fall asleep spontaneously, preventing item usage. This does not restore energy as the mask does.)

Creatchi Mart[edit]

The Creatchi Mart and coinchi were introduced in April 2014. Each owner begins with a balance of twenty coinchi, but extra coinchi can be earned by browsing the website. Items can also be bought and sold. However, items can only be sold at half their purchase price. Coinchi is not tied to a specific creatchi, and will stay in the user's account after a creatchi dies, allowing them to accumulate a large balance.


Currently creatchis are available in the following body colors:

  • Green (sometimes known as "bright green" to distinguish it from lime green)
  • Lime Green
  • Yellow
  • Orange
  • Red
  • Purple
  • Blue
  • Aqua
  • Gray
  • Black
  • Brown
  • Pink (some have described this as "peach" or "beige")
  • White

Creatchis of generation four and higher can have stripes in any of the above colors. It is rare for generation four and higher creatchis not to have stripes, although some very high generation creatchis have been born without them. A creatchi can also be born with stripes the same color as their body, making it appear as though they have none.

Creatchis inherit their colors, or a mixture of their colors, from their parents, but the exact mechanisms for inheritance are currently unknown. Some colors, such as aqua, appear to be dominant. The colors mix in the following fashion:

  • Red + Green = Brown
  • Red + White = Pink
  • Red + Yellow = Orange
  • Red + Blue = Purple
  • Blue + Green = Aqua
  • Blue + Yellow = Green
  • Yellow + Green = Lime

Black and white creatchis start to appear around the fourth generation, and often have one blue parent.

Eye colors[edit]

In May 2015, new eye colors were added. Previously, nornchis all had blue eyes, while grendelchis and ettinchis could only have red eyes. Now it appears that they can have any color from the body color list seen above. During the update, all currently living creatchis were given a random eye color. It appears all Creatchis born since the update, whether first generation or offspring, also have a random eye color - no pattern of heredity has ever been observed.

Notable Creatchis[edit]

First 1st Gens[edit]

Nornchi: Starbuck

Ettinchi: Ukyo

Grendelchi: Cody

First 10th Gens[edit]

Nornchi: Jaysie and Domino

Ettinchi: Basil and Maika

Grendelchi: Thyme and Ella Guru

First 20th Gens[edit]

Nornchi: Brunnera and Shallow

Ettinchi: Akatosh and Winter Bark

Grendelchi: Ciel and Beowulf

First 30th Gens[edit]

Nornchi: Derse and Julianos

Ettinchi: (None at the moment)

Grendelchi: (None at the moment)

First 40th Gens[edit]

Nornchi: Ingcil and Unnamed

Ettinchi: Unnamed

Grendelchi: (None at the moment)

First Creatchi couples to have two offspring[edit]

Nornchi: Unknown

Ettinchi: Daffodil and Wii

Grendelchi: Unknown

"Glitch" Creatchi[edit]

Tiana the Grendelchi: The first and only creatchi to have a genuine color mutation (both her parents were green, and she was brown.) Since this does not appear to be a regular feature of Creatchi, this may have been a glitch.

Deecee the Ettinchi: Deecee was a perfectly normal generation 1 egg, but when they hatched, they turned out to be the first genderless creatchi. Listed as Aoi's father and Michelle's spouse, even though the two parents never met.

Michelle the Nornchi: A deceased Nornchi, listed as Deecee's spouse and the mother of Aoi. Although it is not uncommon for deceased creatchis to become pregnant or lay eggs, Michelle had been dead for over a year before either of these events occured.

Aoi the Nornchi: One fine day in late November of 2014, Aoi's mother, Michelle, who had been dead since May of the previous year, laid an egg without warning. Deecee, a genderless Ettinchi, was listed as the father, and became her mother's spouse. Aoi was bright green, and sadly, she never got to breed.

jello squared the Ettinchi: Conceived posthumously and, in the words of her owner, "through parthenogenesis". She has her mother listed in both parent slots, but is not identical to her, having a different stripe color.


Barbie the Ettinchi: The first and (as of October 2018) only first generation Creatchi to be born with a body color normally only found in offspring - in this case, pink. This seems to have been deliberate rather than a glitch.

Zebra the Ettinchi: The first Creatchi to have been born with stripes. Incidentally, he was also the first white Creatchi.

Midnight Storm the Ettinchi: The first gray ettinchi ever, and was born through jello squared, who had a case of "parthenogenesis".

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