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Creatures Editor

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The Creatures Editor (or CrEd32) is an all-round useful tool for Creatures, including a script extractor, sprite viewer, norn injector, gene manipulator and more. It was made by Kinnison. It requires vcl30.dpl to be installed on your computer.

In the Creatures Addict Code, Kinnison described CrEd32's functions as:

  1. SPR work (Making BMP's of SPR's, making SPR's from BMP's etc)
  2. COB work (Writing COB's)
  3. COB Use (Injecting COB's into Albia)
  4. Gene Editing (E.g. Making own Bio-Chemical Reactions)
  5. Gene Mapping (E.g. Working out what happened)
  6. Hatchery Editing (E.g. Making new hatchery eggs)
  7. Sounds (E.g. Working out what sounds are what, Making phrases etc)
  8. Macro (Low level macro insertion - High end users only)
  9. COS work (Using DCOS and "Kind of COS")

Other functions include the ability to replenish COB stocks and a norn autopsy feature. .spl files can be used with CrEd32 to splice in sets of genes to genomes.

At one point there was a radiation chamber add-on available, but it was thought to be lost for some time. It has since been found, and is available for download at Eemfoo.org.

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