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IV Cough Medicine

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The Cough Medicine in the Science Kit.

The Cough Medicine, or IV Cough Medicine, is a chemical in Creatures 1 that the player can inject into the selected creature using the Science Kit. Although its name implies that it treats coughs (Histamine B), which spread disease, the genome of the official norns was created so that it would instead treat sneezes (Histamine A). A common fix for this was to hex edit and gengineer a copy of the chemical reaction gene that governed the reaction between cough medicine and Histamine A so that it would also treat coughs. LummoxJR documents this gene on The Norn Underground, noting that it was "untested" at the time. Some grendel keepers also spliced this gene into their grendels.

Cough Medicine is chemical number 103 in the C1 Chemical List.