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Connecting agent

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The contact sensor has an output port (right) and an input port (left) which let the contact sensor be linked to other gadgets.

In Creatures 3 connecting agents are agents, usually gadgets, which can interact with each other by sending and receiving signals of varying strength. Networked together, they can be used to make complex machinery or simple tools. They normally have an input port (which can receive an incoming signal) and an output port (which can send multiple outgoing signals simultaneously.) Most of the gadgets on the Shee Ark have these ports.

These gadgets can be duplicated in the Replicator, or Blueprints can be downloaded from the internet which when placed in the replicator provide many connecting agents at once. Desert Ettins are often responsible for connecting agents going missing: they will take them to the Desert Terrarium. Additionally, any creature may hit a connected gadget: repeated hits will eventually break the connections.

Agents cannot be connected while they are in the player's inventory. Connecting agents can be used to help manage various parts of the Shee Ark, for example, healing creatures, feeding creatures, fighting grendels and maintaining the ecosystem.

Connecting agents are not included in Docking Station, however, several developers have created their own connecting agents, most notably Clucky, Uecasm, Mrlittleguy and Moe (in C2toDS). The Stickerports allow players to add connectivity to agents that were not designed with ports.

The EM Jammer, when connected, makes gadgets invisible to ettins.

An Anti-Bacterial Spray attached to a lift call button: this simple setup will activate the spray after the button is pushed.


To make a connecting agent, it must be a compound object to support ports, rather than a simple object. CAOS commands that are specific to connecting agents are:

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