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ColonelJ (A.K.A Jessica - but not this one - and southern_bound) has been a member of the Creatures Community since 1999. She has contributed to the Creatures Community by writing stories, making custom graphics, and helping out on community projects.

As far as ColonelJ's accomplishments in the Creatures Community go, she entered the 2005 "Survivor" game on Creatures Caves, and her Norn won first place in Nornish's C1 "I'm A Creature, Get Me Out Of Here!" in 2005. She has also penned many fan fiction stories detailing her various Creatures-related anecdotes.

ColonelJ currently resides in Oregon, USA. When she is not writing, she enjoys crafting, cooking, and of course, playing Creatures.

Did you know? ColonelJ once had a framed copy of the infamous poem "Len the Pen" on her dresser.