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Cloud Layer Butterfly

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Cloud Layer Butterflies with Beelacanth flowers.

This beautiful butterfly flutters around Albia before returning to the clouds to lay its eggs. It is totally harmless to all other inhabitants of Albia in both its butterfly and caterpillar stage - although it is partial to the fruit of the Beelacanth plant.

Pressing INJECT will force a number of caterpillars (5) to descend from the clouds, when these reach maturity they will crysalise and emerge as butterflies ready to perform their mysterious dance in the skies above the garden.

The Cloud Layer Butterfly comes as part of Object Pack #2 for Creatures.

Only the caterpillars can be interacted with, pushing them will simply smush the caterpillars, without giving creatures any chemical reward.

Jessica released a recoloured version of the Cloud Layer Butterflies as part of the CCSF 2012, which can be downloaded here.

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