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Cloud 9

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Adds a whole new room to Albia!!! - Situated in the clouds, high above the land, your Norns can travel up the tube and enjoy a new area to relax and enjoy the company of the other Norns. There's also some other objects that are situated on this new cloud including some new roses, a new carrot patch, a coffee pot and also included is a moderator for the Shee Seed Launcher, so you can grow the Beelacanth cob on the cloud to attract wildlife! This is an ideal place for your Norns to relax and learn to eat. To get up there, the norns can use the tube provided :)

Download from Albia 2000.

Direct Link on download page (Registered Users Only)

Direct Link on add-on Cloud 9 Tree (Registered Users Only) (down, formerly at www.albia2000.com/modules.php?name=Downloads&d_op=viewdownload&cid=19)

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