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Christmas Pudding

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There were actually two Christmas Puddings made by Cyberlife:

Christmas Pudding 1996[edit]

The christmas pudding in the kitchen, with other Christmas Pack COBs.

The Christmas Pudding is an object in the Christmas Pack 1996 for Creatures 1. The Christmas Pudding injects into the kitchen and when eaten (in one bite) it gives:

  • 250 Hunger Decrease
  • 10 Need for Pleasure Decrease
  • 150 Starch

These values are identical to the cheese.

It uses the C1 class number:

  • 2 6 5

Christmas Pudding 1997[edit]

1997 Christmas Pudding.gif

This seasonal speciality (once injected into the game) appears on the stove near the incubator. You'll need to be careful though, as it's still cooking, and is extremely hot.

If any Norn attempts to sneak a quick bite, the pudding will be a bit painful. The pudding will decrease in size when eaten. Also, your Norn may be lucky enough to find a surprise silver coin inside a portion. It's not all good news though; your Norn may have a lucky coin but he'll also have a sore mouth!

It uses the C1 class number:

  • 2 6 14

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