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Cheese Wizard

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The Cheese Wizard

This Cheese Wizard COB for Creatures dispenses three types of edible material for your norns. It was created by Chad.


The first is the standard Albian staple, cheese! It has the following effects:

Pear Fruit[edit]

The next is a fruit, similar to a terran pear. It's rather sweet, having the following effects:

Spiky Fruit[edit]

The other fruit that can be dispensed by the Cheese Wizard is rather spiky in nature, although it is filling too. It has the following effects:

NB. This COB clashes with the Refrigerator and the Donut Vendor. The C1 class numbers used by this COB are:

  • 2 8 100
  • 2 6 1 (cheese)
  • 2 6 100
  • 2 6 101

The Cheese Wizard can be obtained at the Lost Creatures Site (direct link).