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Cesil - A Slider's Diary

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Cesil - A slider's Diary is a fanfic by C-Rex, written on 25th July 2008. The Story tells of Cesil, a Norn with Slider syndrome, and how he copes with his disability.


The story takes place on Ceratopia, a fictional world inhabited by Creatures. Cesil is born from an egg, and is immediately diagnosed with Slider Syndrome. Cesil finds life difficult and is bullied by other Norns.

The Hand soon sends Cesil away to Scolopendra, a world for creatures suffering from mutations and disabilities. Cesil is cared for by a nurse hand, and makes a new friend, a fast-ager, named Rosie.

The following day Cesil wakes up to discover Rosie's tragic death. He refuses to eat and refuses his daily injections, causing him to nearly collapse.

Cesil soon begins to grow weak, due to a mild fever he has caught, and eventually passes away.



A Norn with Slider Syndrome, Cesil is a friendly and loving creature. Although his breed is unrevealed in the actual story, he is actually a Dream Norn/Bengal Norn.


A pink Treehugger Norn, Cesil meets Rosie shortly after arriving at Scolopendra, and the two instantly take a liking to each other. Because she is a Fast-ager, Rosie passes away shortly after meeting Cesil.

Cesil's Mother[edit]

Cesil's mother died in a tragic accident when she was thrown out of an airlock by some Grendels. She never makes an appearance in the story.