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This section contains works of fiction by the Creatures Community (including CL employees - they're part of it, too!). Add articles to this category with: [[Category:Fiction]].

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Stories to Add[edit]

If anyone wants to, add the following stories and then remove them from this list (or add a tale you think should be here, and then write an article about it! :-):

A2K = Albia 2000 (message board) | CL = Official site | CJ = Creatures Jungle | E.net = Edash.net | ff.net = Fanfiction.net | LA = Library Albia | PotES = Palace of the Evil Shee (message board and main site) | SNGP = Spotling's Norn and Grendel Paradise | UoE = The Universe of Ettins | Uwn = Unknown/Other origins

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