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Carrot Variety Pack

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The Carrot Variety Pack installs Freya's Carrot Patch, extends the garden carrot patch, and adds three new kinds of carrots in different locations:

The Darkling Cave carrots are a new species that grow beneath the old temple. Although their taste does not compare to the original carrots, their nutritional value is still high:

Hunny Carrots grow near the beehives, they have taken on some of the bad properties of honey, providing less nourishment but satiating more hunger:

Despite their unwholesome appearance, Muddy Swamp Carrots are slightly more nutitious than normal carrots. Despite this they are not as filling or as tasty so your norns would appreciate other things in their diet besides ;-) Luckily swamp carrots are fast growing, replacing their numbers quite quickly.

They grow beneath the Grendel Tree, and have:

The Carrot Variety Pack was made by Muppetboy, and can be found at Muppetboy's Geatville.