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Carrot Variant

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The Carrot Variant, colloquially known as the Bouncy Carrot, is a very close relative to the carrot that grows in the Norns' garden, but it seems to have evolved in a area where the toughness of its flesh was important. These carrots can be particularly useful for attracting the attention of a sick norn. Can you get a Norn to juggle a pair of carrots?

Pressing INJECT will remove any existing Carrot Variants from the world before planting 5 seedlings into the garden. These seedlings will self-seed but never to the extent of the native carrot.

The Carrot Variant is found in the Creatures Object Pack 1. It uses the C1 class numbers 2 6 8 and clashes with Ping's Cheeseburger. See also the Cave Carrots, a version of this cob which injects in the lowest reaches of the Desert Island.

Updated Version[edit]

An updated version of the Creatures 1 carrot variant was released in January 2016 at Discover Albia, which can be downloaded here. It includes the following improvements and new features:

  • Invisible Seedlings: Immature carrots are now completely invisible and will not create confusion
  • New Seedlings: Upon being eaten, carrots are replaced by brand new seedlings in the garden
  • Amount of NFP Decrease: The level of NFP decrease is now 30, rather than the original amount of 70
  • Number of Carrots: There are now 4 carrots in the garden, instead of the usual 5 carrots
  • Dropped Carrots: Dropping carrots now includes a random variable so they can point left or right
  • Carrot Stubs: Carrots will now briefly turn into stubs after being eaten, to simulate actual eating
  • Sprite File: The download includes a new sprite file with improvements and two new poses
  • New Bitmaps: Existing bitmaps now better simulate growth so baby seedlings do not sit on the ground
  • Garden Area: Carrots now grow in a slightly smaller area within the garden to improve placement
  • Vertical Growth: Seedlings use a variable y coordinate so they are no longer in a perfect line

In addition, the bouncing script has been overhauled, and potentially confusing chemicals released when the carrot is dropped have been removed. Creatures' boredom and need for pleasure are slightly reduced when witnessing a carrot bouncing.


A C3/DS conversion of the carrot variant by Lis Morris is available for download at Creatures Caves.

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