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Care norns

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Editnorn.png This article is about a future or planned project.
Information may change significantly as the project progresses.

A breed for C3DS that cares for thir young, the parent teaching the baby things they lerarned and the baby imprinting on the parent like a duckling. The sprites would be as fallows: Bayafolf head, dream norn arms and legs, gargoyel norn tail and a primeavera norn torso. Also it would have a dark green tint and live longer then a normle norn. Also would have some crude form of geneict memory so if one learned "no eating grendels as they will kill you" or "food is tasty, you should eat it" all its ofspring will know this too. However this will not mean that they will speak english when just out of the egg. Would come with agents like some kind of plant that makes sticks "for you to train them to rub makeing fire", a vender for cunks of flint and a few critters to eat that are called "beast" and when killed turn into "food" "fruit" or "seed".