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Caos Coding Cave

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Caos Coding Cave is a Creatures development Discord server. Everyone who is interested in developing anything for the Creatures series is welcome to join, it doesn't matter whether they are a coder, a spriter or even a writer. The invite to the server can be found in the "external links" below.

The server has been set up by Pilla.


The channels have been divided into a general part and a project-specific part. If you're working on a project and you want a channel to be added, contact Pilla.


- #general - Just general Creatures/CAOS related stuff.

- #offtopic - Offtopic stuff.

- #devhelp - Ask for help developing!

- #codedump - Dump random snippets of (useful) code here.

- #spritedump - Dump random sprites here that may be used for creatures related projects.

- #agentdump - Dump (unfinished) agents here.

- #code-vent - Vent about (coding-related) stuff.

- #ccsf - Talk about the CCSF!


- #betaship - Betaship project channel.

- #fixupmetaroom - Fixup Metaroom project channel.

- #albianwarp - AlbianWarp project channel.

- #albian-command - Albian Command project channel.

- #banshee-ark - Banshee Ark project channel.

- #creatures-4 - Create a successor to the Creatures series!

= #c2tods-refresh - C2toDS Refresh project channel.


- #github-repositories - Relevant Github repositories you may want to watch.

- #blogroll - Posts a feed of blog updates on Creatures fanpages.

- #creatures-wiki-updates - Posts a feed of changes on the Creatures Wiki.

- #otherservers - Links to other Discord servers.

External links[edit]

Invite to the Discord server