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C3cacbana ingame.png

Cacbana (Burbania barnabicia)[edit]


A flowering cactus native to the Desert Terrarium. The Cacbana's seeds can easily be identified by their tendency to jump around in the style of a Mexican jumping bean, eventually slowing down to find a place to settle. The Cacbana requires a warm and dry environment to survive. The balloon bug pollinates their flowers.

Food web[edit]

Predators: Prey:
Unknown None

See also[edit]

  • Minor Fixes - a fix for the balloon bugs and cacbana seeds is included with this pack.
  • Cacbana (teardown) - for more detailed information on how the agent works.
  • C3 Improved Desert Terrarium makes Cacbana fruit edible, the fruit is revealed at night for creatures to eat. They also should not fall into the water, and will wilt if nutrients in the soil get low.