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CObfinder General

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  • Web address: www.probetech.co.uk/cobdata (down; archive)
  • Webmaster: Nutter
  • Ran from: 2 February 2002

Summary of Content[edit]

Similar in scope to TazzMann's CREATUREs UNIVERSE, COBbled Together and other archives, the website contains around 550 files for download, mainly COBs but some utilities as well. Only C1 COBs are provided, categorized by type (ie., food, herbs, vendors, etc.).

History Of Website[edit]

The site was created shortly after the demise of Where's The COB, at a time when many sites were being abandoned or disappearing, and third party COBs were being lost. The original CObfinder General was set up just as a mirror in case any of the major cob archive sites should go offline. As such, there were no graphics on the site; it was just a place where you could try to find an existing COB if you couldn't find it anywhere else.

Nutter originally provided a cobdata file which kept track of which class numbers were in use by which COB, to help prevent in-game conflicts. This file has not been updated for many years and there are no plans to republish it. There is a much-expanded graphical form of this information presented with COB downloads by GirlySatan at GirlySatan's Creatures Webpage.