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COB files

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COBs are made with CAOS, and with special cob-making programs like BoBCoB. They are produced both by CL and by users of the game. For the original Creatures, there are no official cob-making programs - BoBCoB is probably the most popular unofficial one - but there are both official and unofficial tools for Creatures 2.

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Technical Information[edit]

Creatures 1[edit]

Creatures 1's COBs are simpler than all later COB/agent files. As with all Creatures file formats, they are in little-endian order.

They are simply defined as such:

Length Type Description
2 bytes integer COB Version (I've only ever seen 1)
2 bytes integer Quantity Available (for injecting)
4 bytes integer Expiration month
4 bytes integer Expiration day
4 bytes integer Expiration year
2 bytes integer Number of object scripts
2 bytes integer Number of install scripts
4 bytes integer Quantity Used (for injecting)
varies 0 or more Script blocks Object scripts
varies 0 or more Script blocks Install scripts
4 bytes integer Picture width
4 bytes integer Picture height
2 bytes integer unknown (always seems to be the same as the picture's width)
varies SPR picture data Picture. Encoded like a single frame of an SPR with no header.

Script blocks are defined as follows

Length Type Description
1 byte integer Script Length (if 255, use second script length)
2 bytes integer Script Length (if first script length was less than 255, this script length does not exist)
varies string Script (Lines of CAOS are comma-separated with no whitespace between them)

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