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CHAR is a CAOS command used for character-by-character string manipulation.


Syntax: CHAR str (string variable) index (int) char (int)

Sets the indexth character of str to char, where char is a the ASCII code for the required character. index=1 is the first character in the string.

Strings are fixed length, so you cannot address an index greater than STRL

Note that in CAOS 'x' represents the numeric equivalent of the character x.

Syntax: CHAR str (string variable) index (int)

Returns, as an integer, the indexth character of str.

This is not the same as a string containing the character. For that, use SUBS str index 1.


ROT13 (here with Docking Station):

sets va00 gnam
setv va01 strl va00
  addv va02 1
  setv va03 char va00 va02
  setv va04 0
  doif va03 ge 'A' and va03 le 'Z' addv va04 1 endi
  doif va03 ge 'a' and va03 le 'z' addv va04 1 endi
  doif va04 eq 1
    addv va03 13
    doif va03 ge 91 and va03 le 103
      subv va03 26
    elif va03 ge 123 and va03 le 135
      subv va03 26
    char va00 va02 va03
untl va02 eq va01
outs va00
    Qbpxvat Fgngvba

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