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Creatures Full of Fixes

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The Creatures Full of Fixes are creatures for Creatures 3 and Docking Station created by evolnemesis that have several updates and fixes, including brain work, based on Vampess's work with the Creatures Full of Edits. They are not a new breed, but more a template for future breeds, and existing ones.

They are further described in this thread on Creatures Caves. In December 2015, Dragoler released a genome based on the CFF called TWBs. In December 2016, Arnout released a genome based on the CFF called CFF 1.2. In January 2017, Arnout released the 2017 ChiChi Norn, based on the Creatures Full of Fixes.

Chief changes in addition to CFE edits[edit]

Later versions also have the ability to hallucinate when they ingest chemical 130 - tryptamine. Typically, the effects wear off in a couple of minutes,[1] but high levels of tryptamine can cause a state which has been described as similar to EE Syndrome.[2]

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